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Update: I succesfully made it to the top of the world on May 17, 2010. Thanks to everyone that has supported me in getting there!

I am still trying to reach my fundraising goal, so help out if you can! Get in touch with me (I personally read all emails and will likely reply) or if you want to learn a little more about my climb, try the following:

  • Look at some pictures from my Everest trip with captions/descriptions.
  • Have a look at this site (specifically the 'World Vision' and 'About Me' sections).
  • Check my Blog for my account of the climb, new posts to come as I look back and sort through all my memories, both good and bad. (You can sign up for email reminders when I post something new.)
  • Donate if you can!

Old Site:

This spring I will attempt to climb Mount Everest while raising money for charity. Two of my favorite and most rewarding activities in life are climbing mountains and giving to charity, and I hope to do both at the same time. I ask for your support in this endeavor in donating for the charity I am raising money for, World Vision. (Click here and look for "Donate Now" or click the link on the right of this page). I am funding this trip with my own money so that all support others may offer can be directed towards World Vision.

I am already in Nepal climbing Mt. Everest, follow along with news or my blog!

If you want to get a better appreciation of what it takes to climb an 8000m peak, check out the following:

  • Watch this video I made while climbing Cho Oyu, the world's 6th tallest mountain.
  • Look at some pictures from Cho Oyu with captions/descriptions.
  • Follow my Blog or Summitclimb's dispatches as I climb Everest. (You can sign up for email reminders when I post something new.)
  • Donate if you can!
  • Follow on Twitter.

Climbing at high altitudes involves suffering and sacrifices that only other mountaineers can relate to, but it is something that makes me appreciate all the things I have in my daily life that I take for granted. The things we live without while on expeditions some people live without all their lives, with no return date to look forward to like me.

Thank you very much for your generous support!