The Climb

Starting at the end of March 2010, I will be in Kathmandu preparing for the ascent of Everest via the southern route (from Nepal). It is the route originally climbed by Sir Edmund Hillary back in 1953. The trip is organized by Summitclimb, who has been organizing climbs in the Himalayas for years; with them I climbed Cho Oyu this past September.

Interested in coming along? The climb to the top of the world starts with a weeklong hike to Everest Base Camp, the most famous base camp in the world. It is a walk through some of the most spectacular natural settings and mountain scenery in the world, and a very popular and accessible hike for most people. Summitclimb offers this as a trip all on its own and you would be walking with all would-be Everest summiteers like myself!

Or consider doing even more, they also offer a service trek where participants hike and help the communities they walk through at the same time.

Either way, get info at and you can join me for those first steps!